Farmer Designers. Agriculture on the move

Art & Nature - Publisher Norma - Ouvrage broché - 256 pages - Text in Bilingue Français / English - Published in 2022

One of the main roles of design today is to invent new reciprocities. While modernity has forged the idea that humans could control their environment and make nature their own, we now know that this is simply not the case. The current crises are our confirmation that it is time to change paradigm.

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Model 9782376660514
Artist Art & Nature
Author Collectif
Publisher Norma
Format Ouvrage broché
Number of pages 256
Language Bilingue Français / English
Dimensions 280 x 210
Published 2022
Museum Musée des Arts décoratifs et du Design de Bordeaux

Exhibition Catalogue Farmer Designers. Agriculture on the move, presented at Musée des Arts décoratifs et du Design de Bordeaux (Until May 8, 2022).

Design has contributed to the invention of modern life, producing objects on an industrial scale, but it has a new role to play today. More than ever, designers are striving to respond to the problems raised, rethinking the social organisation of our everyday life. We are facing urgent questions: how can we feed, educate and care for ourselves?

In English, the word ‘design’ is used with precision: fashion design, interior design, sport design. This exhibition is devoted to farming design.

20th-century industrialisation has profoundly transformed our soils in order to feed more people, more effectively: two concepts that are nowadays being called into question on all sides. Food has become an incredibly complex arena; from farm to fork, many different processes come into play to feed a growing population.

Farmers face many challenges. Those known as “farmer-researchers” are experimenting with new practices. Like a designer, they are inventing new farming processes, taking into account the specific features of the context and tools, which they readily reinvent to adapt them to specific local characteristics.

At the heart of their concerns, the land, topography, rainwater run-off, sunshine, winds and the biological cycles of fauna and flora are all elements that the “farmer designer” observes to develop their land and promote virtuous links for the soil and its crops.

Farmer designers: agriculture on the move aims to present a new generation of farmers who are looking to feed us while regenerating the soil and the biodiversity.

The exhibition makes soil our central focus, revealing new knowledge about its role, how it functions and the ecosystem that it harbours. It demonstrates the scales of crops and production, offers insights into new farming practices and reexamines the dimension of time. Here in France as well as on other continents, it explores the origins of a new culture that places people at the heart of unprecedented ties with nature and repositions them on an equal footing, as one of the links in the chain of life alongside living beings, plants and animals. A fresh perspective on the world to which we belong.

It is not about shouting a warning cry but presenting inspiring adventures, projects and scenarios. The challenge is to imagine and reveal avenues towards a desirable – and possible – world.


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