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Power and Prestige - The Art of Clubs in Oceania

Art of Oceania - Editions Sira - Hardcover - 320 pages - Textes en English - Publié en 2022

For the first time, a major exhibition is devoted to the art of clubs in Oceania and looks at the many facets of exceptional yet little-known and often misjudged ethnographic objects, curated by Steven Hooper.

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Référence 9788857246406
Artiste-Genre Art of Oceania
Auteur(s) Steven Hooper
Editeur(s) Sira
Format Hardcover
Nb. de pages 320
Langue English
Dimensions 305 x 218
Date parution 2022
Musée Musée du Quai Branly, Paris

Exhibition Catalogue Power and Prestige - The Art of Clubs in Oceania, presented at Musée du Quai Branly, Paris (June 8 – September 25, 2022).

The catalogue brings light on the complexity, beauty and cultural importance of these works of art which offer an insight into the cultures of the Pacific as a whole, from Australia to Easter Island.

While acknowledging the warrior dimension and the stake of violence, both real and symbolic, associated with the clubs, the exhibition focuses particularly on highlighting the sophistication of their carving, their ornamentation and all of the material and spiritual characteristics that make them more than just simple tools. The clubs are thus revealed as sculptures, works of art, objects of representation, symbols of authority and prestige, images and vessels of the divine, trade goods and ceremonial instruments. Nor does the exhibition overlook the historic value of pieces alternately designated as souvenirs, trophies, ethnographic documents and more.

A first for an exhibition of this scale, which brings together 140 exceptional pieces conserved in public and private European collections.


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