Khaled Alkhani

Khaled Alkhani - Publisher Le Livre d'Art Iconofolio - Ouvrage broché - 87 pages - Text in Bilingue Français / English - Published in 2020

Khaled Alkhani's undisguised, living, contemporary expressionism wards off bad memories. His majestic art tells of the infinite life that resists infinitely. And his paintings, clad with wounded suns, dazzles our living space. Christian Noorbergen

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Model 9782355323409
Artist Khaled Alkhani
Author Christian Noorbergen
Publisher Le Livre d'Art Iconofolio
Format Ouvrage broché
Number of pages 87
Language Bilingue Français / English
Dimensions 285 x 240
Published 2020

Khaled Alkhani, who came to France eight years ago from a crushed Syria where he was born in 1975, invents a powerful maelstrom from which emerges in chromatic geyser a sublime and fragile head. Fine, strong, dominant, and yet folded in on itself, distant, sometimes devastated, indestructible. Head of opaque heaven on earth at the end of the world, with an air of abandoned Madonna.

We see piers of bodies with the effects of lost wake, and sumptuous carnal calligraphies, when the artist-magician releases the energies which are agitated in the layers of intimate flesh.

The red, harsh and raw, dominates purplish values of darkness, strikingly contrasting with dull, modest and soft hues, which soothe the expanse. Creative violence and serenity embrace. Reigns a sumptuous gray of horizon where bury all the colors of the world, and from where arise pure vital looks. Christian Noorbergen


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