Art Autun 2020 - Biennial of contemporary art

Art contemporain - Publisher Snoeck - Ouvrage broché - 160 pages - Text in French / English / NL - Published in 2020

Thirty-three artists from France and Belgium have been selected for this second edition of contemporary art in AUtun, with a dialogue between modern and contemporary works, and a mix of well-known names with up and coming artists.

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Model 9789461616111
Artist Art contemporain
Author Collectif
Publisher Snoeck
Format Ouvrage broché
Number of pages 160
Language French / English / NL
Dimensions 260 x 200
Technique(s) 100 illustrations
Published 2020
Museum Musée Rolin d'Autun

Bilingual Exhibition Art Autun 2020, presented at the Musée Rolin d'Autun and Panopticon d'Autun, Bourgogne (4 april - 25 may 2020).

The curators of this art exhibition are the Belgian artists Reniere&Depla, a duo of artists who moved to Autun three years ago. Their vision for this show is “we want to show works which moved us, which amazed, with which we’ve had a strong connection.

This exhibition will take place in two different sites. The first one will be the 15th century palace of Nicolas Rolin, which now houses the Musée Rolin, a museum of archaeology and fine arts. A selection of works from the museum will be displayed next to contemporary works of art, in order to display the resonance between different works in the history of art.

The second site of the exhibition will be the Circular Prison of Autun, which was built in the middle of the 19th century. It’s the only circular prison to have been built in France, and was used a storage space for 50 years before being bought back by the town council. It’s now being considered as an extension space for the Musée Rolin. Its particular history and architecture is a fertile space for artists wishing to exploits its potentialities.

Reniere&Depla are innovative and ground-breaking curators, who in the spirit of Antoine Lavoisier, are trying to transform our experience by isolating certain elements and combining them in new ways. Their second exhibit in Autun will focus on creating resonances between works of arts from different fields and eras, by mixing and matching works of art in these two historical buildings.

Philip Aguirre y Otegui, Mireille Blanc (F), Elke Andreas Boon, Koen Broucke, Johan Clarysse, Anton Cotteleer, Thierry De Cordier, Peter de Cupere, Jan De Maesschalck, Reniere&Depla, Stief Desmet, Sarah De Vos, Robert Devriendt, Wim Delvoye, Arpaïs Du Bois, Nick Ervinck, Michael Filez, Karin Hanssen, Edmée Laurin (F), Thomas Lerooy, Timothée Schelstraete (F), Hans Vandekerckhove, Laura Vandewynckel, Jan Vanriet, Cindy Wright, Han Yaqun (F)

Edgard Tytgat, Rik Wouters, Marthe Donas, Gust De Smet Hippolyte Daeye, Antoine Mortier, James Ensor


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