Mater Earth - Prune Nourry

Prune Nourry - Publisher Actes sud - Ouvrage relié - 80 pages - Text in Bilingue Français / English - Published in 2023

Prune Nourry has created a monumental sculpture for Château La Coste, representing a pregnant woman emerging from the landscape. An immersive installation and eco-responsible architecture, Mater Earth takes us back to human origins and creation myths.

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Model 9782330175962
Artist Prune Nourry
Author Prune Nourry, Catherine Grenier, Nancy Huston
Publisher Actes sud
Format Ouvrage relié
Number of pages 80
Language Bilingue Français / English
Dimensions 235 x 155
Published 2023
Museum Château La Coste

A rare vision of a work in progress, an open door to the creative process, the book places Prune Nourry's Mater Earth sculpture in relation to everything that fed, formed and raised it.

The work was first imagined back in 2010, when the artist invited a pregnant woman to pose in a bath of milk for a photography session. From those images of serenity, she created a life-size sculpture. Prune Nourry was instantly seized by a desire to produce a larger scale version of the work but it took several years of reflection before the desire became reality. The book follows the creation of the statue in situ, offering readers an original experience of symbolic rebirth. The work brings an inside view of the project and the mysteries of its conception, situating Mater Earth in Prune Nourry’s rich and varied career. We see the stages of its development towards an ideal of “ultracollective chaos” involving multiple artists and artisans, as well as Prune Nourry’s own ethical and ecological reflections and self-questioning. The work provides a rare vision of the gestation of creation, a window onto the creative process, showing everything that nourished the project and brought it to life. The illustrations resonate with this birthing process, creating a catalogue of the cultural and artistic motifs that inspired the work. Nancy Huston’s journal provides sensitive, thoughtful insight into maternity, reflecting the slow metamorphosis of all works of creation.


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