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Travelling through fables - From Kalila wa Dimna to La Fontaine

Art History - Editions Snoeck - PB - 192 pages - Textes en English - Publié en 2024

The exhibition showcases a remarkable collection of ancient tales and illustrated fablesmbark on a captivating journey through the world of animal fables.

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Référence 9789461618863
Artiste-Genre Art History
Auteur(s) Annie Vernay-Nouri
Editeur(s) Snoeck
Format PB
Nb. de pages 192
Langue English
Dimensions 280 x 210
Technique(s) 130 illustrations
Date parution 2024
Musée Louvre Abu Dhabi

Exhibition Catalogue "From Kalila wa Dimna to La Fontaine : Travelling through Fables", presented at Louvre Abu Dhabi (March - 21 July 2024).

Fables have been passed down through generations and are found in various cultures around the world. They serve as a means of entertainment as well as a way to impart wisdom and values to readers. This timeless literary genre transcends across cultures and centuries, imparting life lessons and values to both adults and children.

The catalogue traces the fascinating evolution of these fables. They originated in India and Greece, then evolved through influential figures such as Ibn al-Muqaffa' and Aesop, reaching their pinnacle with French fabulist Jean de La Fontaine in the 17th century.

The exhibition draws inspiration from traditional illustrated fables and delves into the mystical world of animal tales embedded within historical manuscripts. With more than 132 artworks on display, the exhibition features an eclectic collection of rare manuscripts, paintings, contemporary works, and more — unveiling the timeless narratives of friendship, loyalty, cunning, and morality, as portrayed through anthropomorphic animal characters.


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