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The Knights Templar - Exhibition catalogue (English version) View larger

The Knights Templar - Exhibition catalogue (English version)

Using previously unpublished archive documents, the authors trace the history of the commanderies of the Champagne region, which were some of the earliest in France. They describe the daily lives of the Templars, with their simultaneous activities as soldiers, merchants, artisans and farmers. 

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Publisher - Somogy
Number of pages - 328
Language - English
Model LIV_9782757205419
Artist Art médiéval
Author under the direction of Arnaud Baudin, Ghislain Brunel and Nicolas Dohrmann
Publisher Somogy
Number of pages 328
Language English
Dimensions 280 x 240
Technique(s) 200 illustrations
Published 16/06/2012
Weight 1.758
Museum Hôtel-Dieu-le-Comte, Troyes

Exhibition catalogue "The Knights Templar : A History, Our Treasure" shown at Hôtel-Dieu-le-Comte, Troyes (June 16 - October 31, 2012).

This brotherhood of monks and soldiers not only took vows of poverty, chastity and obedience; they also vowed to devote their lives – and if necessary to sacrifice them – to the defence of the Holy Land.

In this book, the most authoritative experts in this field bring to life the age of the Templars, in both the East and the West. Finally, they explore the many facets of the myths that still surround them. What were the reasons for their arrest and trial? Was there really a treasure? Did some Templars manage to flee and to found a new order? And how have these mysteries provided inspiration for both literature and the cinema?