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    1520 Le Camp du Drap d'Or, la rencontre d'Henri VIII et de François Ier - Catalogue d'exposition View larger

    1520 The Field of Cloth of Gold, the meeting of Henry VIII and Francis I - Bilingual exhibition cataligue

    The Field of Cloth of Gold is a unique moment in European history. Although it did not alter the course of the relations between the two kingdoms, this brief episode of Anglo-French reconciliation was the occasion for an extraordinary display of luxury and riches, whose unequalled profusion enduringly captured popular imagination.

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    Publisher - Somogy
    Format - Ouvrage broché
    Number of pages - 96
    Language - Français / Anglais
    Model LIV_9782757206089
    Artist Art du 16e siècle
    Author Charles Giry Deloison, Sophie-Anne Leterrier
    Publisher Somogy
    Format Ouvrage broché
    Number of pages 96
    Language Français / Anglais
    Dimensions 290 x 210
    Technique(s) 100 illustrations
    Published 19/08/2012
    Epoque 16e siècle
    Weight 0.500
    Museum Château d'Hardelot

    The meeting of Francis I and Henry VIII between Guînes and Ardres from 7 to 24 June 1520 was above all a festival – of youth, of knightly ideals, of sensual pleasures and of insouciance.

    This lavishly illustrated book invites readers to enter this world of political illusion and cultural rivalries, permeated by Italian influences and where the first signs of the French Renaissance emerge. It brings an understanding of the European context that gave rise to this highly novel encounter, allows one to relive the feasts, jousting and masquerades of the Field of Cloth of Gold, and follow the ups and downs of this impossible peace. It also reveals the fortunes of this event in the history-passionate 19th century, which revisited this somptuous extravaganza on stage and in books.